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A modern building housing classrooms laboratories, library, audio-visual facilities, computer room, music and dance rooms and everything required to provide a good learning experience will be made available to the students. A contemporaneous, in vogue and novel computer lab will ensure that the students learn the ABC of computer and grow with keen understanding of technology. Multimedia will be extensively used to make the subjects “come alive” and make learning fun and easy. Only a strong body can house a strong mind. Among the provisions for the development of the body, are a playground, indoor games facilities, swimming pool and gymnasium. Trained staff will help and encourage the children. For the pre-primary children a purpose built activity Room complemented by outdoor activities specific to their needs will be ensured. The milieu and ambience of the surrounding will set the tenor and mood for the precious individuals-the students. Every school hence is a “Miniature India” in itself and tries to inculcate in its students feelings of patriotism, brotherhood and national integration. We try to make the child a perfect citizen with implying these 4 D’s in its life :
1. Discipline
2. Devotion
3. Dedication
4. Determination

CURRICULUM: Like all other C.B.S.E pattern schools Hind Convent Hr. Sec. School will follow C.B.S.E. syllabus. This will foster children of parents who have transferable jobs. A synergetic mix of physical education, music, drama and computers with academics will help the students to develop analytical skills. The inclusion of art, music, dance and drama in the curriculum is based on the belief that the involvement of students in art and culture is an integral part of educational development. Our aim at Hind Convent Hr. Sec. School, is to provide intellectual nourishment and stimuli and at the same time train the tender minds to develop emotional competition and relentless competition and restlessness. They will be prepared to be leaders and ,asters of there own destiny in a multi-cultural, kaleidoscopic world.


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